Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain Fundamentals – Part 1 (Intuition) Here we talk about the basic building blocks of blockchain. We cover the following topics What is Blockchain? Hash Cryptography Immutable Ledgers Mining – Proof Of Work Distributed Blockchain – Private vs Decentralized Blockchain Consensus Protocol – Byzantine Fault Tolerance Problem Code Demo – […]

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Protocol Oriented Programming aka POP

Object oriented programming was the classic strategy to write modular code for decades. Imagine you’re developing a photo sharing app. You can take a picture, add special effects, or share it with your friends. A common approach to creating this type of application is by using object oriented design, encapsulating all […]

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Deep Dark Web – The Internet which you don’t know

I was so intrigued to write this post just because of the hacking spree which got unleashed over the last week(WannaCry Ransomware). Very few people got a hang of the WannaCry ransomware cyber attack that took the world by storm. It’s means & mechanism which enables this kind of havoc. […]

Why Auto Correct, Auto Complete is hazardous for mobile apps dealing with sensitive data.

About 80% of the apps out there today are insecure and can be compromised easily, this is what recent studies have shown. Why this complacency? Are the businesses not serious about it. The answer is everyone today from a startup to an enterprise is more conservative about data security. Still […]

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