Haseeb Mohammed Afsar

Haseeb Mohammed Afsar
Haseeb Mohammed Afsar
Principal Software Architect

Haseeb is an innovation, results driven, analytical and collaborative technology leader specialized in Software development. Bringing expertise in building connected products, internet of things, software services & software development teams in the space of Web and Mobile Technology. He has leveraged these gifts, knowledge, and experience over the last 12+ years to design and implement innovative technology solutions to significantly improve product experience, process efficiency, and business intelligence.



The New College, University of Madras, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Jan 19, - Till date

Technical Lead Architect

Hired me as Technical Lead Architect – IoT, Mobile, Web Business based on my proven expertise in driving innovation, leading & enabling teams to build high quality, scalable, secure IoT, web, mobile & artificial intelligence applications. I applied my strong technical acumen & leadership skills to build, scale cross-functional, geographically dispersed teams. Define organizational strategies in adopting future-oriented technologies,  deploy modern enterprise architectures and software development best practices.


  • Proposed the effective use of adopting futuristic technology such as drones in a warehouse for automation with a product idea,  an elevation pitch to the executive board securing funding and a team. Built initial prototype leading a team of engineers and transformed into a full-blown platform doing hands-on architecture design and development. That reduced 160 man hours of manual effort (60%) per week in a warehouse products cycle counting.
  • Design, transform architecture into code by leading a 10 member team of a mobile application (iOS, Android) engineers with hands-on development in building smart campus app targeted for 1,00,000 enterprise users. Core contributor to a feature called indoor navigation that is equivalent to google maps inside a building which is patent pending.
  • Led the digitalization strategy of the business in transforming power tools into smart power tools. By defining strategy, roadmap, architecture, and team in building IoT enabled power tools, mobile apps, re-usable software components. Delivering on time for the respective product launches translated 18% more product sales.
  • Influenced strategic business decisions in keeping the costs low by scaling the team in nearshore locations without impacting business operations and quality.

Mar 2011 - Jan 16, 2015

Senior Software Engineer - Mobile

Hired me as Software Engineer – Mobile based on my solid native, hybrid mobile application(iOS, Android) engineering credentials, problem-solving skills, delivering results in a high-pressure environment, ability to lead a team of engineers. I applied my software development best practices and technical domain expertise to build IoT enabled mobile apps such as Bosch SmartHome, eMobility.


Jun 2010 - Mar 2011

Frond End Engineer
AG|Delta Pte Ltd

Hired me as Front End Engineer based on my experience in building rich web applications, the proven expertise of working on full stack technologies, ability to work in a startup environment, entrepreneurial risk-taking ability, delivering results in a high-pressure environment.


  • I applied my Javascript, Java expertise to build highly dynamic UI framework, REST services on which AGDelta’s wealth management system was built. It got the coveted Redherring award for the best user interface 2010-2011
  • Applied web development expertise to build a wealth management system & online currency trading platform. The platform was highly reliable, efficient and modular in nature which enabled the business to roll out to 30 financial institutions, banks in two quarters.

Jan 2010 - Jun 2010

Software Engineer
Adharasoft Pte Ltd

Hired me as Software Engineer based on my experience in building web applications, the experience of working on full stack technologies, ability to work in a startup environment,  delivering results in a high-pressure environment.

I applied my web application development skills to build a payment gateway for financial institutions.

Mar 2008 - Dec 2009

Software Engineer
CSC Software Pvt Ltd

Hired me as a Software Engineer based on my academic credentials, a good understanding of software engineering fundamentals, innovative mindset, multi-tasking ability and analytical skills.


  • I applied my software engineering fundamentals with web technologies in the following key feature development for PayPal which are “Balance Manager”, “Send Money”, “Review Your Payment” for the global users with ZERO post production defects. I was given the PayPal Appreciates Talent (PAT) award.
  • Built mobile WAP pages for “Send Money” feature.
  • Successfully re-engineered all RYP (Review your Payment) pages across the PayPal website for loading speed optimization
  • Built web application components such as “Lightbox”, “Calendar Control”, “Tabbed Navigation”, AJAX adapter and progress bar used across the PayPal website

Jul 2006 - Feb 2008

Software Engineer
TDP Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hired me as Software Engineer based on my fast learning skills, prior internship performance, proven web development knowledge with their sister concern Santec Solutions Pvt Ltd. In my role single-handedly built a highly dynamic hospital management system, content management system and an online pharmacy


  • Built hospital management system, content management system and online pharmacy single-handedly to push the business forward with a mixed product portfolio for a startup.
  • Worked under tight timelines, high-pressure environment to deliver ZERO defects. Also, built the scalable architecture of the online pharmacy. Which enabled the startup to scale the eCommerce platform to over a million users seamlessly. Transforming it into one of India’s biggest online pharmacy as of today called NetMeds.


Mobile Technologies

Objective C, Swift, Android, Cordova, ReactNative, SenchaTouch, Calabash Cucumber, Appium

Web Technologies

Apache, Apache Tomcat, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Java, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS, SASS, XML, Python, PERL, Git, SVN

Software Engineering Fundamentals

Data Structures, Big O Notation


ExtJS, jQuery, Spring, Struts, Angular JS, COMPASS, Cocoapods, NAOqi Pepper Robot SDK

Architecture Expertise

SAAS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, SOA, Context-as-A-Service (CaaS), Front End Architectures (MVP, MVVM, MVC, UBER), Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Compute Cloud Expertise

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Development Tools/IDE

Xcode, Android Studio, Eclipse, PyCharm, Python Jupyter Notebook, Vim Editor, Choregraphe Suite for Pepper Robot, Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, JIRA, SourceTree

Project Management
Cyber Security

Kali Linux, WireShark, Cain N Abel, SQLMap, Aircrack-ng, Metasploit, Certificate Pinning

Internet Of Things

Rasperry Pi, Adruino, Bosch XDK, BeagleBoard, MQTT